Commercial Property

Commercial Property Solicitors for Liverpool & Southport

Our commercial property team can meet all of your needs whether you are buying, selling, developing or refinancing.

Our team have experience at all levels from:

  • Housing developments including land acquisition to planning to development and sale and covering large scale developments, bespoke properties and elite developments to
  • Managing the conveyancing for substantial property investors, buying, selling and refinancing their portfolios
  • Large scale multi-million pound refinancing for household names to
  • Large scale retail property sales to
  • Helping commercial landlords and tenants of all sizes on a range of issues including negotiating lease agreements, assigning/transferring a lease, subletting, surrendering, lease renewal, and changing the use of the premises and
  • Helping smaller local businesses buy, sell, lease and refinance their business premises

We have particular expertise in retail, hospitality, garden centres and nurseries, high quality housing developments and off-plan plot sales, working with property developers, investors, house builders and businesses in a wide range of sectors.

How our solicitors can help you: