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How our civil litigation solicitors help?

As civil litigation specialists, we help you resolve civil disputes where they cannot be settled by negotiation, concluding instead by either the Courts or an alternative form of dispute resolution.

Civil litigation covers a large spectrum of issues; from unpaid invoices to defective vehicles, Intellectual Property (IP) to breach of contracts and so much more.

Most of these disputes involve money in the form of compensation or require another party to take or not take a specific action. In civil litigation cases, this replaces criminal proceedings.

Due to the complexities that can come with civil litigation, it is important to engage a team of specialists as soon as possible in order to build the best case.

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What we will do

Our litigation solicitors will work closely with you, providing straightforward, legal advice and guide you through every aspect of your civil dispute lawsuit including court proceedings.

Under UK law, you have a wealth of rights when it comes to everything from consumer rights to employment rights.

Whether you’ve suffered losses through a consumer, employment or domestic issue, we’re here to help uphold your rights and fight your corner.

If you need assistance in this area of law, please call our team of highly trained solicitors today.


However you’ve suffered a loss, our dedicated team of Litigation solicitors are here to help uphold your rights and fight your corner.

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