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Property Litigation Solicitors in Southport

Owning, renting or leasing property as part of your business can lead to issues or disputes which can be extremely complex and expensive to resolve given there could be tens of thousands of pounds at stake.

If you think you have a case then the first step is to establish your legal position regarding the property under dispute. Our property litigation solicitors based in Southport have all the knowledge and experience you need to move through the process as painlessly as possible.

What types of commercial property dispute are there?

Our property litigation solicitors can provide legal advice with:

  • Contentious business lease renewals
  • Rent and service recovery
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Forfeiture and relief from forfeiture claims
  • Disputes over rights of way, easements, breaches of restrictive covenants, trespass, nuisance and adverse possession
  • Residential possessions and recovery of rent and breach of covenant for commercial landlords
  •  Dilapidations

We’ll use our negotiation expertise to consider alternative resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration wherever possible in order to try and avoid drawn-out, expensive Court proceedings. 

If litigation is the best route, then we will represent you throughout the process, preparing your case, representing you in court and protecting the reputations of you and your business.

For reliable, expert advice contact our Commercial Property Litigation lawyers in Southport now.


However you’ve suffered a loss, our dedicated team of Litigation solicitors are here to help uphold your rights and fight your corner.

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