Buying & Selling for Commercial Property

Buying & Selling Commercial Property

If you’re considering buying a commercial property (or selling one) there are a number of issues that you need to consider.

From preparing contracts, negotiating and agreeing terms through to securing funding and carrying out the relevant due diligence, it’s not only a major financial decision but a lengthy process too.

Having a commercial property solicitor in your corner can help you save both time and money, whilst ensuring your investment is protected for the future.

The commercial property solicitors at Brown Turner Ross will be by your side throughout the whole buying or selling process to make sure you get the best outcome for you.

We’ll keep you updated on costs, timescales and any potential risks which could be critical to the future profitability and success of your business

Transactions involving Commercial Property have enormous implications for your business and, in some cases, for you personally, so it’s best to get expert advice right at the outset.

Our team can help you with all matters that can arise including:

  • Whether you should purchase or lease the property or simply have a licence to occupy
  • What is the current market trend for property values and rents
  • If you are going to sign a Lease how long should it last, when should the Rent be reviewed and will that include a downward review?
  • Should you have a break out clause
  • What are your obligations when you vacate the property

You’ll receive clear, concise information to help you make the most informed decision possible, so contact us today for all of your commercial property needs. 

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Commercial Property

Our expert commercial property team can meet all of your needs whether you are buying, selling, developing or refinancing.

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