Company Formation

Just as not every person is the same, not every business is the same and how you see your business developing will impact on what form your business takes; from sole trader to Limited Company.

One thing that remains the same is the need for an expert legal team to make sure your company is formed in a way which meets your specific business needs as well as satisfying the legal requirements and being tax efficient.

Our corporate solicitors in Liverpool and Southport will work closely with you and your accountants to provide the legal advice that you need on all issues regarding company formation, including the roles and duties of key staff members as well as potential employment law issues.

By engaging the team at Brown Turner Ross, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re fully compliant and protected from anything that might threaten the future of your business.

Intellectual Property

Your organisation’s Intellectual Property (“IP”) is one of your most valuable business assets so it’s essential that you protect it from external threats and exploitation.

While insurance and protection for the physical assets your business owns is commonplace, the same can’t be said for the Intellectual Property, which could be the major factor in your business and its success.

IP needs specialist expertise to defend it from being misappropriated by your competitors and being exploited by them for their commercial gain. Our Intellectual Property solicitors in Liverpool and Southport have expertise in this area and can help you with every aspect of IP, including confidential information, Trade Secrets, Copyright, Design Rights, Image Rights, know-how, Patents and Trade Marks, Licensing, Data Protection, e-commerce and Litigation.

Agreements & Contracts

As experienced commercial solicitors, we know that legal, water-tight agreements and contracts are the backbone of your business. They protect you and your business from a number of legal risks and reflect the values of your business.

Our expert team of Commercial Law solicitors in Liverpool and Southport can assess, prepare and negotiate all of your business arrangements ranging from the simple to the complex. A contract regulates how your business operates and the relationship between you and another party and is essentially a guarantee that you will do and deliver what you promise. This safeguards you, your business and your reputation.

These agreements are there to protect:

  •  those who own the business
  •   those who invest in the business
  • those who work in the business
  •  those who have any business dealings with you

The importance of having these agreements in place can’t be ignored. Should a time come where you’re involved in a dispute, the resolution can be achieved much more efficiently if you have legally binding agreements in place from the start.

Our commercial lawyers will spend time getting to know your business so they can fully understand the relationships between the owners of your business, know how you sell goods or services to your market and devise the best way to protect your business from external threats.

The agreements that our commercial solicitors draw up will be fully compliant and enforceable and will be written in plain English so all Parties understand their position from the outset.

Agreements we can help you with include:

  • Agency Agreements
  • Agreements for the provisions of services
  • Agreements for the provision of goods
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Franchising Agreements
  • Intellectual Property protection and Product Licensing
  • IT, Internet and E-commerce Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Manufacturing Agreements
  • Outsourcing Agreements
  • Sports, Media & Entertainment Agreements

If you need help and guidance with any aspect of your Company Formation, from registering as a Limited Company to mergers and acquisitions, get in touch with our experienced team of Corporate and Commercial Solicitors in Liverpool and Southport now.

Corporate & Commercial

As your legal partner, we’ll develop a close working relationship with you so, whatever stage your business is at, our team will help your business grow.

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