Family Law Solicitors in Liverpool

Solicitors for family law in Liverpool

Brown Turner Ross has over 130 years of experience managing family law cases, and our solicitors office in Liverpool is home to many of our firm’s skilled family law specialists.

Whether you require a solicitor to help you manage your divorce, create a financial order, assist with any aspects of child law, or anything else, our solicitors at Brown Turner Ross Liverpool can help.

Family law is not limited to blood relatives and couples who are married or in civil partnerships. Other commitments are accounted for with family law, and this may mean that long-term cohabitees and extended family members may be eligible for family law claims.

Carry on reading to find out more about what family law in Liverpool entails, and then get in touch with us to arrange your consultation.

Divorce solicitors Liverpool

Matrimonial law solicitors are concerned with all aspects of the law for married couples and couples in civil partnerships. This may be couples who are forming partnerships, or those separating.

Separating couples often encounter difficulties that make the help of a qualified solicitor crucial. It can be easy for one party to take advantage of the other in complex divorce cases if there is not a family law solicitor involved to keep the process fair for all involved.

Divorce solicitors may be required to draft financial orders that account for finances and assets, and are fair for both parties. Even if both parties agree on how they will split their finances and assets, a consent order will need to be drafted by a solicitor for it to be legally binding.

The presence of children or dependents can make the process especially more particular. The well-being of the child is paramount and will take precedence over other issues either party may have.

Family disputes lawyers

When you are our client, you are our number one priority. If you have children, then they will be our priority too, and every decision our family dispute solicitors make will be with the wellbeing of you and your child at the forefront of our minds.

Family disputes can be incredibly troubling times for all involved, and by working with Brown Turner Ross you can ensure that your family are well looked after and done right by in the eyes of the law.

We also manage public family law cases, in the event that Child Protection Services are referred to by a local authority, and can work with extended family members if required to provide the best quality care for the child.

Dispute resolution services Liverpool

At Brown Turner Ross, we are big believers in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and are pleased to see it becoming favoured more and more by the Courts.

Mediation between both parties can be an excellent way of reaching a settlement or amicable decision that is fair for everyone involved while allowing any grievances to be aired in a safe space.

We can draft legal documents following mediation to make it legally binding, and allow our client to happily move on to the next stage of their life.

Brown Turner Ross Liverpool solicitors for family law

Our Brown Turner Ross family court solicitors are here for you and your family, whatever your legal needs are.

Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation with our expert team of solicitors. We look forward to meeting you at our Liverpool office.

Family Law

When it comes to family law, emotions can run high but our specialised family law solicitors are here to help you through the whole process in a caring and compassionate manner.