Making A Claim Against Your Divorce Solicitor

It is not easy to make the right choice of which solicitor represents you and not all solicitors have had experience of complex financial settlements in divorces.  

If you have been divorced in the last six years and you think you did not get the result you were entitled to in your divorce you need to speak to us. 

Sometimes your solicitor may get it wrong but is it right that it should cost you? 

You may have missed out financially in the settlement and you may suspect that this was due to mistakes made by your lawyers. 

If this is the case you may want to make a claim for professional negligence against your lawyers.

Come and speak to our family law experts at Brown Turner Ross and we will carry out a review of your case to assess if you have either a potential claim or if there is a way of us applying to the court to remedy the error. 

Common errors when handling divorce cases are:

Not fully investigating the other party’s finances

Mistakes made in investigating the full picture of the parties’ pension accounts when settling financial matters or

Relying on a cash equivalent transfer valuation (CETV) for the pension when there may have been better options

Failing to instruct an expert or choosing the wrong expert to value the assets of the marriage

Wrongly advising a client to accept a settlement offer or following a barrister’s advice when that advice was wrong and your lawyer should have known this.

Settling for less in financial matters

If you are worried that your solicitor has been negligent, you should come to us to get independent advice.

We will advise you on the strength of your claim, whether you can prove that a mistake has been made and that you have had a loss as a result and what your options are in pursuing a claim.

We are here to make sure you receive the divorce settlement you’re entitled to.

Contact us by using the form below or call us now on 0170454 2002

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