HR & Employment Law Health Check

Pay a fixed sum per month for 1 year

Do you service your car regularly & ensure that your home is always in a good state of repair?

We thought so - in that case so why not give your business an Employment Law Health Check? This has got to be more attractive from a financial point of view than ignoring HR & Employment Law issues until you have to pay out on a claim from an Employee!

HR Audit - HR Helpline - Employment Law Insurance

These 3 components are the basis of the Scheme we can offer you and your business with the overall cost being something you can spread over a year making 12 equal monthly payments. There is no Contract with hidden penalty clauses if you do not opt out on a certain day at a specified time because we are confident that if you find the Scheme to be good value for your business and to give you all the protection your business needs you will want to sign up for another year in any event.

HR Audit

Chris Blackburne, our HR Director, has years of experience gained from both running his own HR Consultancy and working in the Legal sector. He assists many of our business clients (from those employing a handful of Employees to those employing several thousand) in the following ways

  • drafting Contracts of Employment
  • drafting Staff Handbooks
  • drafting Policies & Procedures from Staff Induction to Disciplinary
  • advising on Performance Review, Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures
  • working on site with a business owner chairing internal Hearings

So why not get him to run his expert eye over what you have in place and identify what you may need to protect your business against a claim from an Employee? 

The basic Audit is carried out by you electronically sending us the documentation you have in place and this is Free! If you want an on site Audit to be carried out then we will agree a Fixed Fee for that. When the Audit is complete you will be given a written Report

  • identifying any documents that need amending or updating
  • identifying any Policies or Procedures you should bring in & prioritising them
  • quoting a Fixed Fee for each piece of work we recommend you have done  

The cost of any work we recommend you should have done can be paid for as part of the overall package which means you pay 12 monthly instalments rather than have to pay the full cost involved in one lump sum.

HR Helpline

This part of the Scheme is based on what you want from us - the level of support you need is then covered by a Fixed Fee which is payable over 12 months by equal instalments. Even if you have an in house HR resource this may be useful to you and in those circumstances the anticipated low level of support required is reflected in the cost.

You can call the Helpline between normal working hours Monday - Friday and initial advice will be given by telephone. If you require a simple precedent letter or document we will send that to you electronically. If it transpires that you have a specific issue that cannot be resolved by a simple telephone call but requires additiinal work we wil discuss and agree a Fee with you for that work.

We will take account of

  • whether you have an HR resource in house
  • the number of Employees
  • the number of Tribunal Claims you have had in the previous 3 years
  • the result of the HR Audit we carried out on your business  

If we find that after a few months the level of support you need is significantly higher or lower than was anticipated then we will simply renegotiate the cost with you - what could be fairer than that?

Employment Tribunal Insurance Cover

An Employment Tribunal Claim can be disastrous for any business because it

  • takes up significant amounts of management time better spent on running the business
  • affects morale in a negative sense
  • can involve massive Legal Fees
  • can involve costly settlements    

That is why we are offering you this Scheme with the Insurance policy being a vital part of the overall package.The Policy covers Legal Fees & Damages.

Why is our Policy different & superior to our competitors? 

There are a number of reasons including the following

  • many alternative products are based on an Insurance Company being so linked to the HR provider that the Insurance company dictates whether a claim against your business is fought or settled
  • the Insurer we have partnered with has given us total delegated authority to advise you as to the merits of a Claim against your business so that if we say it should be fought they will back us without question
  • we do not offer a one size fits all Policy - you write your own

So you can choose the level of cover you want & the Policy Excess you are prepared to pay. The Insurer wil happily discuss your requirements with you direct and demonstrate why they believe what they can offer is superior to any Cover you may previosuly have relied on. That is how confident they & we are that this Scheme is so attractive and cost effective.

What do we consider? 

  • the number of Employees you have
  • the annual Wage bill of the business
  • the number of Tribunal Claims brought agianst the business within the previous 3 years
  • the result of our Audit
  • your wishes!      

The Premium is then added to the cost of the remedial work agreed as a result of the Audit & the cost of your Helpline and can be paid as one fixed sum per month over a 12 month period. As a result for one fixed payment per month you get

  • peace of mind arising from an Audit of your Policies, Contracts & Procedures
  • the knowledge that any necessary remedial work identified by the Audit has been done
  • an HR Helpline to call whenever you need to
  • an Insurance Policy that covers our Legal Fees & any Damages payable if a Claim is made

Interested? We thought you would be!

Call Frank Rogers on 0800 195 7517 for a no obligation initial discussion absolutely free of charge.