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A car accident can have a serious, life-changing impact on the lives of those involved, as well as their families. If you’ve suffered an injury in a car accident within the last 3 years, you may be able to claim compensation. Our specialist lawyers have experience in dealing with a wide range of car accident compensation cases, and have secured compensation for thousands of people. They are waiting for your call - 0800 195 7517

Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • reckless or negligent behaviour from other road users
  • poorly maintained road conditions
  • faults with a vehicle that you may have been a passenger in

We have experience helping people who have suffered a range of injuries following a car accident – from minor whiplash through to serious head injuries and spinal trauma. If you have lost a loved one, we could also help you claim compensation and represent you at an inquest.

Your Injuries

The injuries that you could claim for can be relatively minor conditions, or more serious requiring extensive medical care. Examples of injuries that you could claim for include:

  • whiplash
  • other soft tissue injuries
  • broken bones 
  • sensory loss
  • organ damage
  • head, brain or spinal 
  • loss of limb 

If you or, a member of your family has been involved in a road traffic accident, our personal injury solicitors will work hard to maximise your compensation but only after

  • we have fully investigated the extent of your injuries
  • obtained a comprehensive medical report
  • arranged physiotherapy ot any other rehabilitation you need
  • calculated all of your financial losses, loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses

What if the other driver was uninsured or left the scene?

You can still claim compensation by applying to the Motor Insurer's Bureau - "MIB" whose process we will guide you through.

UK motorists are required at all times to have motor insurance to legally drive or park a vehicle on our roads. It is estimated however,that there are around 1.3 million road users in the UK that drive without insurance. 

What should you do if you are hit by an uninsured driver or a driver that cannot be identified?

If you are involved in a road traffic accident with an uninsured or untraced driver, it is essential that you contact the police as soon as possible. If you do not inform the police it will not be possible to make an uninsured or untraced driver claim through the MIB. You should also make a note of any witnesses and take photos of the scene as evidence. it is escpecially helpful if you were able to note down the registration number of the vehicle

How does an MIB claim work?

If you are hit by an uninsured or untraced driver there is no insurance company to provide compensation for  damage to your vehicle or for your injuries. This does not mean that you are unable to recover your losses. Provided that you meet the criteria we can help you claim from the  MIB  who will compensate you for your injuries and financial losses. If the driver of the other vehicle is identified you can also recover losses relating to your vehicle damage from the MIB . 

Accidents Involving UninsuredDrivers. What can you claim for? 

  • compensation for your injuries
  • vehicle damage repairs
  • a replacement vehicle while yours is repaired 
  • lost earnings
  • your Policy Excess

Accidents involving Untraced Drivers. What can you claim for?we can recover

  • compensation for your injuries
  • lost earnings
  • out of pocket expenses
  • rehabilitation
  • vehicle damages (with serious injuries)

You choose your Accident Solicitor

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