Specific Issues Orders

A Specific Issues Order quite simply deals with a specific question that has arisen in connection with any issue of Parental Responsibility for a child.

You can apply to a Court for a Specific Issues Order asking a Judge to decide how to resolve an issue on which parents have been unable to agree including

  • where the child should go to school
  • whether the child can be taken abroad
  • a change of name or
  • whether the child should receive medical treatment

When parents cannot decide about a particular issue relating to their child’s upbringing, an Application may be made for the Court to decide the issue and make a Specific Issue Order.

A Specific Issues Order can be applied for at the same time as other Orders such as a Care Order or Supervision Order. Alternatively, the Local Authority may have to apply for a Specific Issue Order before they can issue Care Proceedings as sometimes it is necessary to resolve certain issues prior to applying for further Orders.
This is a complex area of the Law but one that we are of course dealing with regularly.

If you are involved in matrimonial proceedings and believe there is a specific issue that cannot be resolved call us now