Slips & Trips

Had an Accident in the last 3 years?

If you trip or slip in a public place through no fault of your own then you may be entitled to compensation. There is no need to shrug off your injuries and blame yourself when the person responsible for the area where you fell has simply ignored their legal duty to make that area safe for you. They are required to insure against accidents and if you are involved in one why should you not make a claim?

So why put off finding out if you have a claim? Contact our experienced, specialist Team of Personal Injury Lawyers and get the benefit of our expertise gained from many years of winning Claims for clients who involved in a wide range of slips and trips, including

  • raised or wobbly paving slabs
  • worn or crumbling steps
  • wet floors in shops & cafes
  • slipping on debris left on a floor
  • tripping in hole in a Car Park

Accidents on the Pavement

If you tripped on a public footway such as a pavement, path, or a public road, it will be the local Highway Authority who will have to deal with your claim..

Not all trips can be made the subject of a claim so generally when you trip on a paving stone or because of a hole in the ground the hazard that caused your fall must be over 1 inch in depth or height for a claim to succeed. Highway Authorities can defend these claims if they can show that they have taken all reasonable steps to maintain their highways by, for example, carrying out regular inspections and repairs or if they had fenced off the area where you fell or displayed warning signs

The defect must have been in that condition for an unreasonable amount of time so if we can prove that the Local Authority has failed to regularly inspect or repair the defect they will be liable. If they have inspected the defect within a reasonable amount of time and have not been made aware that a defect has arisen since the inspection it will have done all that it is expected to do.

Accidents in Shops, Car Parks, Buildings

If you trip or slip in premises including Offices, Shops, Car Parks again through no fault of your own then the owner or occupier of the property is responsible for your safety while you are on their premises.

If a hazard is known to exist then the owner or occupier must take reasonable steps to warn you of it and to repair it. If a spillage occurs on a floor then Warning Signs must be displayed and the area cordoned off until it has been cleaned.

You should report the accident if at all possible as soon as it happens and have photographs taken using your mobile phone if need be.

Too many people think there is something wrong about making a claim but property owners are required to insure against the risk of accidents involving people like yourself who are invited on to their land. So if you have been injured due to a slip, trip or fall contact us and you will

  • receive the compensation you deserve
  • be covered by a “no win no fee” agreement
  • deal with a specialist Lawyer throughout the whole process
  • be kept up to date at every stage