If you have decided to transfer your Mortgage you will want the process to be handled

  • quickly
  • professionally
  • with all the legal requirements being expertly dealt with
  • by friendly staff
  • in such a way that you are always aware of what is happening
  • on the basis of fixed costs with everything explained from the outset

So all you need to do now is call us and ask us to do just that for you!

The Three Stage Remortgage Process

On Receipt of Your Instructions

  • we acknowledge receipt of your instructions
  • we send a Terms of Business letter & Mortgage Questionnaire to you
  • we request ID
  • we carry out relevant Searches
  • we request Redemption Statement(s) from your current lender(s)
  • we request Title Deeds

On Receipt of the Mortgage Offer

  • we send the Mortgage Documents (and Transfer Documents if applicable) to you
  • we request any information/Searches requested in the Mortgage Offer/Valuation Report
  • we request up to date Redemption Statement(s) if necessary
  • we set a completion date
  • we make sure all Mortgage Conditions are complied with
  • we report on the Title to your Lender and request funds
  • we inform all parties of completion date

On Completion

  • we receive funds from your Lender
  • we confirm the Redemption amount(s) with your existing Lender(s)
  • we finalise completion
  • we confirm figures with you
  • we release funds to all parties
  • we pay any balance due to you