Driving Offences

We are available 24/7 to provide Free initial advice

Most of us depend on being able to drive and the inconvenience resulting from losing your Licence does not bear thinking about.

Sadly, it is all too easy these days to acquire Penalty Points but, before you decide to plead Guilty get advice from our expert Team of Lawyers.

  • Received a Notice of Intended Prosecution and not sure how to deal with it?
  • Should you plead Guilty or might you just have a Defence that you are not aware of?
  • How many Points will you get or might you be disqualified?
  • Could there be “Special Reasons” which would see you get no Points?
  • If you lose your Licence is your job at risk?

No matter which Court in England or Wales you are due to appear in we will advise you and arrange representation for you if that is in your best interests. Fixed Fees mean you will know exactly what representation will cost at the outset. If you are acquitted, these Fees may be recoverable.