Living Wills

You may have heard the term “Living Will” used and not been sure what it involves.

The issue of Living Wills is now being discussed more frequently in today’s society because people want to have a say in what their treatment should be in the event that an illness or accident leaves them without the capacity to make decisions about life saving treatment.

You can now execute a Living Will (or “Advance Directive” as it is officially called), which gives specific guidance to medical professionals treating you if you should be unfortunate enough to suffer an illness or be involved in an accident which renders you unable to make decisions about your treatment or whether any life support machine is turned off.

These documents have finally received legal recognition.

As an alternative to making a Living Will you could set out the same instructions in a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Contact us if you want advice on your options for deciding what you want to happen if you are incapacitated and do not want your loved ones to have the burden of making emotionally demanding decisions as to your treatment.