Guilty Plea Drafted for you

If you have been charged with a Motoring Offence or are expecting that to happen why not contact us for Free initial advice as to whether

  • you may have a Defence
  • you are eligible for Legal Aid
  • you are likely to be banned from driving
  • we think you should be represented at Court or whether
  • you would benefit from us drafting a written Plea of Guilty for you to send to the Court in your own name

We will not want to take your Case on unless we think your interests will be best served by our getting involved because we want to give value for money. So there’s something to marvel at – Lawyers turning a Fee down!

Too often we see people in Court who are unrepresented and who understandably do not know what are the appropriate points to make to ensure they achieve the best possible outcome for themselves.

You may decide having spoken to us that we are more able to construct a compelling argument for keeping your sentence to the minimum than you can and this is a service that we are happy to provide on a fixed Fee basis.

If you think that would help you then contact us now and let us make sure you set out your Case to the Magistrates in a professional and well argued manner making all the points that will get you the best result possible.