Funding Your Case

Hopefully we have now convinced you that having your Case dealt with by us is the right decision to make so your next question is likely to be how much instructing us to deal with your Case will cost you!

Legal Aid is not generally available for Motoring Cases unless there is a risk of a Prison sentence being imposed as can be the case with Offences of Dangerous Driving and Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.

You will find that

  • our fees will be competitive but reflect our expertise
  • where possible we will agree a fixed Fee with you to cover everything that is required and that we will not seek to increase that once it is agreed
  • we will take account of the complexity of your Case, the number of likely Hearings, the seniority of the Solicitor you want to instruct and the location of the Court
  • we will discuss all possible options with you including our preparing the Case but instructing a Barrister local to the Court you are due to appear at if that is a more cost effective way of representing you
  • if your Case is likely to last some months you can agree with us flexible payment terms to spread the cost over that time

Our commitment to you is that we will give your case the detailed attention every aspect of it demands and provide you with expert and cost effective advice and representation so that you would not hesitate to recommend us to your friends.