Family Law – Children

If you are involved in the break up of a relationship then you can get advice as to what your rights and liabilities are going to be. That will hopefully ease, but not necessarily take away all the pain that you may be going through. If you had children with the other person involved then they need to have their interests equally protected and the Courts will see this as a priority.

All too often disputes as to where children should live and how often they should see their other parent arise when a relationship breaks down and can do so right up to the time your children become adults.

You will want the best interests of the children to be the main objective and our Team can advise you as to how best their interests can be protected by

  • a Collaborative Law approach
  • having any dispute resolved by a Court
  • liaising with Court appointed Experts and advising you on the use of independent Experts

Our experience tells us that the more both parties can see that what is best for the children should be their first concern the less will be the impact of their separation on them.

Call us now for advice on

  • issues concerning child welfare
  • financial claims in relation to children
  • School Fees Orders
  • Contact & Residence issues
  • issues relating to .schooling, religious upbringing and your child’s health
  • Parental Responsibility Agreements

You will be guaranteed a sensitive and pragmatic approach to obtaining the best outcome for your children by adopting a balanced and constructive approach to resolving any differences of opinion.