Driving without insurance

Facing a Charge of driving while uninsured is serious but you may have a Defence or we may be able to argue what is known as Special Reasons which could see you get no Penalty Points. Get Free initial advice from our expert Team.

You will not be surprised to learn that Courts regard driving while uninsured ( both driving and permitting someone else to drive the vehicle) as a serious Offence which is why it results in 6-8 Points being endorsed on your Licence. This penalty is aimed at those who deliberately and knowingly commit the Offence but we find that many people are now being stopped for driving without insurance without realising they are doing so.

You will feel embarrassed and shocked if you are stopped by the Police and told you have no current Policy of Insurance so how can this happen?

The Police have access to number plate recognition software which is cross-referenced with the Insurance Companies’ national database of cars so can instantly identify a vehicle that is not covered by a valid Policy of Insurance. Individuals not covered by Insurance can then also be identified.

You may be stopped because

  • the Insurance company cancelled the Policy by mistake
  • they did not tell you or the Policy holder that the Policy was cancelled
  • you are driving a vehicle belonging to someone else who told you that you were insured
  • you have missed an instalment payment for your Policy and have not realised that

Special Reasons – No Penalty Points

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We may be able to argue that the Magistrates should find “Special Reasons” for neither adding Points to your Licence nor disqualifying you even when you have to plead Guilty to driving while uninsured. This involves complex legal argument and you should contact us for advice if charged with this Offence. You would still be convicted of the Offence but not have Points added to your Licence nor be disqualified.

Examples include (but are not necessarily limited to)

  • a cancellation of a Policy by the Insurer without telling the Policy holder although if that is because you have missed a payment you may find Magistrates will regard that as your fault
  • errors by an Insurance company that resulted in no Policy being in force
  • a person being informed by the owner of a vehicle or Policy holder that they could legally drive the vehicle when in fact that was not the case
  • a person having a genuine reason to believe he or she was insured, even if they were not

You should contact us for advice as soon as you are warned you may be prosecuted for this Offence so that we have the time needed to advise you properly and obtain all the supporting evidence we need to achieve the best outcome. We have sometimes been able to persuade the Police not to prosecute when Clients have contacted us promptly.