Domestic Violence

Need a Solicitor in Liverpool, Southport or on Wirral for advice on Domestic Violence?

If you are suffering from physical, sexual or emotional abuse at the hands of your Partner then call us in confidence for expert advice on all the methods open to you to stop it continuing. Domestic abuse can take the form of verbal abuse, harassment, domination and serious physical violence and can involve anyone.

Centre for Social Justice – Domestic Violence

Both men & women suffer from various forms of Domestic Abuse. A 2012 Report from The Centre for Social Justice – “Beyond Violence – breaking cycles of domestic abuse” – found that in the year 2009 – 2010 94 women & 21 men were killed by former Partners. One in four women and one in seven men report being abused by a current or former Partner. It is a sad and shocking statistic that a woman is assaulted in her home every six seconds in the UK and on average two women are killed every week. It is estimated that a third of all women experience domestic violence during their lifetime and on average Police receive a call about domestic violence every minute.

The Report calls for changes in the law so as to introduce a new Offence – “coercive control” – to end harmful mind games and controlling strategies being used in the home.

Domestic Violence Solicitors – Southport, Liverpool & Wirral

Call us in confidence for an emergency appointment and you will receive sympathetic & expert advice as to

  • how a Women’s Refuge or other Agency may be able to help and protect you
  • what the Police can do and what Criminal sanctions can be imposed to prevent the abuse continuing
  • what we can do by involving the Courts so as to obtain an emergency Injunction or a Non Molestation Order (protection against harassment)
  • how the person responsible can be excluded from your home
  • whether or not you are eligible for Legal Aid

Let Brown Turner Ross help you apply to the Court for either one or both of the following Orders:

Non-Molestation Order

This is an Order used to restrain someone from using or threatening violence to you or your child, or from harassing them. The Court has the power to make an Order forbidding the Respondent (and anyone acting on their behalf) from using or threatening violence against you. The Police would be made aware that such an Order had been made and breach of it is a Criminal offence which would result in Police action.

Occupation Order

You do not have to continue living under the same roof as your abuser. An Occupation Order can exclude one Party from the family home to protect you and your children from domestic abuse and violence.

You can ask the Court to make whatever Order is appropriate to protect you and your children and rest assured that the terms of the Order

  • can be wide ranging
  • can prevent an abuser from entering the property altogether or, prevent them from entering certain parts of the property
  • can also prevent the abuser from coming within a certain distance of the property
  • can include a power of arrest (by the Police) if there is a concern that the Respondent may not comply with the Order.
  • can last one month, six months or even one year.
  • can be requested from the Court as a matter of urgency without notice to the respondent

You will be guided and supported throughout the whole process by our Team of experienced Family Law specialists.

Do not feel alone, frightened or ashamed or, worst of all, that it is your fault – call us now and learn how to stop the abuse or violence happening again and how to start a new life for yourself safe in the knowledge that you were strong enough to do so.