Crown Court Representation

If you are due to be dealt with at a Crown Court it will normally be for a serious criminal offence meaning you need specialist representation.

Your Team will ensure that your Defence is meticulously prepared so that, whoever your Crown Court Advocate is, they will have a detailed knowledge of the case that they present on your behalf.

We also have a close working relationship with senior Counsel and Queens Counsel who we instruct in appropriate cases.

Your Team has many years of experience and

  • regularly deals with the most serious criminal offences
  • defends offences such as murder, manslaughter, rape, drugs, conspiracies, frauds and serious assaults
  • regularly identifies and argues technical points of law which can result in prejudicial evidence being deemed inadmissible
  • represents Clients on Appeals against conviction and sentence including successfully appearing before the Court of Appeal

So whatever you are charged with contact us now and get our expert advice and assistance. The situation you are in is too important to ignore and means you need expert advice and assistance from Solicitors whose no nonsense approach is based on fighting for you.