Winding Up Petitions

When should you consider issuing a Winding-up petition?

They are used to recover debts from a Limited Company in much the same way as a Bankruptcy petition is used against an individual who owes you money.

Winding-up petitions – Key Facts

  • they are usually a last resort because the cost involved is relatively high
  • even if a winding-up order is made you may not recover your costs
  • they are more appropriate for higher value debts
  • they should not be used in respect of disputed debts
  • the advantage of a Winding-up petition is that they put your Debtor Company under significant pressure to make payment. And avoid the Petition being advertised

You will benefit from our

  • issuing the Petition and arranging personal service
  • advertising the Petition
  • arranging for you to be represented at Court for the final Hearing
  • acting on your behalf with the Insolvency Service or Liquidator

You can rely on us to

  • learn about your business
  • understand the relationship history with your Debtor Company
  • advise you as to all your options
  • take account of the need not to throw good money after bad
  • take the best action available to recover your debt based on Fixed Fees