Statutory Demands

  • What is a Statutory Demand?
  • When should I issue one?
  • How does it work?

These are all questions you are entitled to ask and at the outset we will discuss with you all the options available to you before agreeing what course of action should be taken and, at what fixed cost.

A Statutory Demand is a threat of insolvency proceedings either against a limited company or an individual. They are the usual step to take before issuing Bankruptcy Proceedings.

You would normally consider a Statutory Demand

  • For your higher value debts
  • when the debt is clearly not disputed or, when a County Court judgment has already been obtained

Your debtor has 21 days from the date of service to respond, failing which Bankruptcy or Winding-Up proceedings can be the next step for you to take.

Our Fixed Fee service includes

  • taking your instructions
  • drafting & issuing the Demand
  • arranging for a Process Server to personally serve the Demand without delay