Sales, Purchases & Leases

When you need to occupy premises for your business you need expert advice covering a whole host of issues critical to the future profitability and success of your business and you need that advice before you make decisions you may regret!

Contact Kevin Ross and the Commercial Property Team

who will advise you on issues including

  • Should you purchase or lease the property or simply have a Licence to occupy
  • What is the current market trend for property values and Rents
  • If you are going to sign a Lease how long should it last, when should the Rent be reviewed and will that include a downward review?
  • In what circumstances can you cancel the Lease – a “break clause” is needed
  • What are your obligations when you vacate the property

Transactions involving Commercial Property have enormous implications for your business and in some cases for you personally so get expert advice right at the outset and let us help you make the decision that is best for you and your business.

You can also contact us for advice on

  • Property disposals and acquisitions
  • Estate assembly and development
  • Landlord and tenant issues and disputes
  • Complex development agreements (including joint ventures)
  • Option agreements, conditional contracts and overage agreements.

We aim to advise you in clear terms avoiding complex legal jargon and to do so in the context of your overall business strategy seeing this property transaction as a key stage in the growth of your business.