New Product Range?

You will receive advice on the following

  • Patent registration – if the original idea is capable of being patented
  • Intellectual Property – it may be appropriate to register a Trade Mark for your brand including your logo either in the UK, European Community wide or Worldwide
  • Whether you should have a Franchise or License to sell overseas. Once Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) are registered in appropriate jurisdictions this can either be assigned for a large one off payment or licensed to create a longer term source of revenue with the advantage of retaining ownership in the IPR
  • Terms & Conditions – these must be incorporated in any Contract you enter into or they are worthless. It is vital that they are not cobbled together from other businesses in your sector but, are bespoke for your business
  • Website issues – Terms & Conditions need to be adapted for the sale of products by e commerce – you also need to consider Data Protection issues and the Distance Selling Regulations