Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Solicitors in Liverpool & Southport

Protect your Business from your Competitors!

Your organisation’s Intellectual Property (“IP”) is one of your most valuable business assets so why do so few people protect it from external threat and exploitation?. You will insure or protect the physical assets of your business but, it may be easier to replace them than regaining the IP that is the key to your business. So, surely you should get expert advice on how you can defend your business in relation to its:

  • Trade Marks
  • Patents
  • Design Rights
  • Image Rights
  • Trade Secrets

IP needs specialist expertise to defend it from being misappropriated by your Competitors and being exploited by them for their commercial gain.

The Brown Turner Ross Intellectual Property Team has expertise in this vital area of modern business. We can help you with every aspect of IP, including confidential information, Trade Secrets, Copyright, Design Rights, Image Rights, know-how, Patents and Trade Marks, Licensing, Data Protection, e-commerce and Litigation.

We understand that as business owners you need to concentrate your time on growing and developing your business but this important issue should not be overlooked. You have created this IP and it is fundamental to the ongoing success of your business so why should a competitor get the benefit of it?