How do we do it?

We all want to be paid for the goods and services we provide and get irritated when either we are not paid or are paid late. This has serious implications for

  • Your cash flow
  • Your profitability
  • Your ability to meet your business outgoings
  • The confidence of others in your business

Your own peace of mind and ability to get on with growing the business
You will be anxious to retain your hard won Clients and not to alienate them by appearing over zealous in pressing for payment but have to balance that with the need to maintain a healthy cash flow for your business.

As a Client of Brown Turner Ross we will want to take time at our first meeting to understand your business and the wider commercial environment in which you operate so that you benefit from proactive, timely and cost-effective solutions to your debt recovery problems.

You will benefit from the professional reputation our Debt Recovery Team has earned over many years across all aspects of recovery and enforcement, with particular expertise in:

  • letters before action
  • issue of County Court claims
  • enforcement of judgments
  • issue of statutory demands
  • bankruptcy proceedings
  • winding-up proceedings

Expertise in debt recovery

  • You will be able to monitor your case in real time through integrated IT systems. (Can we provide this now? If not I will delete but what do you suggest instead and can we look at what it would cost to offer this?)
  • you can instruct us by email, fax, phone or post
  • we guarantee that all instructions are dealt with on the day of receipt
  • you will receive an acknowledgement is issued in relation to all instructions received by us

Cost effective Solutions

  • The last thing we want is for you to throw good money after bad as that makes little business sense
  • Once we understand your business, your relationship with your Debtors and your instructions in relation to each individual debt you refer to us we will advise you as to the most proactive methods of collection
  • We will agree what action is to be taken at what fixed cost and will report to you on progress while we are acting on your behalf
  • We will review your Credit Control procedures and advise on any internal action you can take to make instructing our Debt Recovery Team unnecessary