When you become involved in a business dispute you will understandably have a number of concerns that may make you hesitate before contacting a Solicitor

  • What are your prospects of winning?
  • How long will it take?
  • What is it likely to cost?

We can advise pretty quickly on the first two issues so let us now look at your Funding options.

If we can resolve the dispute without issuing Proceedings we can agree with you

  • A fixed Fee for investigating the merits of your case, advising on your options and taking the matter to an agreed stage
  • Monthly interim billing for work done at agreed Rates

Funding Litigation

Your Funding options are

  • Legal Expenses Insurance, where an insurance policy already held by you covers your Legal costs
  • A Conditional Fee Agreement - an Agreement between you and Brown Turner Ross in which we agree to discount your legal fees and share the financial risk with you. If you lose, you will only pay our fees at the reduced rate
  • After The Event Insurance, where you do not have Legal Expenses Insurance and we arrange for you to take out a separate Policy to cover you against the risk of being responsible for the other Parties’ costs and your own disbursements

You will then be able to choose from a range of options based on our monitoring of the Litigation Risk Market. As indicated above, these may involve us or a third party taking on the risk of the Litigation. We want to help you manage costs and your cash flow giving you as much certainty as possible and reducing your risk.