Enforcement Proceedings

There are certain advantages for you in securing a County Court Judgment against your Debtor because they

  • are registered and
  • can create difficulties for the Debtor in obtaining credit

However, simply obtaining a Judgement does not mean the Debtor will pay up! It is usual for a Default Judgement to have to be enforced.

How can you enforce a Judgement?
We will advise you on the best options available to you which will include

  • instructing a County Court Bailiff for Judgment debts of less than £600
  • instructing a High Court Enforcement Officer for Judgment debts over £600
  • Charging Order Applications relating to property owned by your Debtor
  • Attachment of Earnings Applications
  • insolvency procedures – see Statutory Demands – Bankruptcy – Winding-Up

We will always aim to recover your costs.

The cost of most enforcement processes is recoverable from your Debtor and is simply added to the balance of the judgment debt.