Employee Issues

Redundancy – Existing Staff

If this is being contemplated then you will get advice on

  • Procedure – there are Rules on Notice and Consultation periods that you have to comply with
  • The Selection Process – you should use a Skills Matrix with objectivity and openness being the key issues
  • Employee’s entitlement – Notice pay, accrued holiday pay and redundancy pay depending on their age and length of service.
  • Dismissal – you should be looking to avoid a claim for unfair dismissal arising out of unfair selection or unfair procedure
  • Discrimination – this is vital as you must be able to demonstrate that there was no Discrimination involved in the selection process. As long as you can show that there was objectivity and fairness underlying your procedure you should be able to avoid an Employment Tribunal claim
  • Compromise Agreements – if an Employee leaves your business then this will give you protection and certainty as to your position when that person has left