Defended Debt Claims

Once you instruct Brown Turner Ross you have the advantage of knowing that our Debt Recovery Team also deals with disputed debt claims through what is known as the Dispute Resolution process.

If a claim for money owed to you becomes disputed you will be advised as to the best course of action to follow from that point to quickly resolve the dispute and recover the debt.

If it proves necessary to deal with the claim on a disputed basis we will:

  • discuss the costs of proceeding with the action with you in advance
  • advise you as to merits of any Defence served by your Debtor
  • advise you as to whether a Judge would simply strike out the Defence allowing us to enter Judgement on your behalf or, whether the matter has to proceed further
  • find out from you whether you want us negotiate a settlement and if so on what terms
  • in Small Claims Cases (where the debt is less than £5,000) advise you on the necessary steps to pursue the matter through to Trial if you wish to do that without our continuing to act for you
  • consider with you the possibility of Mediation or any other alternative means of resolving the dispute including a Joint Conference with your Debtor and his Solicitor