Contracts of Employment

Contracts are of enormous importance in business for

  • individuals who are about to start a new job or are thinking of moving to a new Employer
  • Employers – are your Staff Contracts relevant and fully compliant with the current Law
  • Company Directors & Managers

You should ensure you carefully consider the terms of any Contract you offer or are asked to sign – it is usually too late to do so when a dispute that could cost substantial legal Fees arises.

You need to protect your position at the outset by getting expert advice from an Employment Solicitor here at Brown Turner Ross where we act for both Employers & Employees giving us an expert insight into what is in your best interests and, more importantly what can and cannot be enforced.

You can get expert advice from us on

  • The terms of the Contract
  • Benefits
  • Pensions
  • Share options
  • The impact of restrictive covenants – can they be enforced?
  • Adequate protection against dismissal

The Service you will receive is based on

  • Our listening to what your needs are
  • Drafting a Contract or advising you in the specific circumstances of your case
  • Giving you an accurate and clear analysis of the Law as it applies in your case
  • Our ensuring that the Contract is clear, relevant and enforceable