Company Formation

 You intend to start up a company for a new business venture or, an existing business, and need expert legal advice and assistance to ensure that the company is formed in a way that meets your specific business needs.

We can provide that advice and even help you decide if a Limited Company is the correct business vehicle to achieve your objectives.

It is not enough to simply buy an off the shelf Company and change its name to whatever you want it to be and then start trading.

You need to be sure that you comply with a whole host of Regulations and have Contracts and other documents in place to ensure that your business is ready to start trading and is protected from anything that might threaten its future.

These issues include:

  • the role of the Company Directors
  • Directors powers and duties
  • Shareholdings & the rights of Shareholders
  • Companies Act legislation
  • Employment Law & Criminal Law

Our Solicitors, led by our Managing Director David Bushell, will work closely with you and your Accountants to ensure that your business is incorporated and regulated in ways that are both effective and tax efficient.

You can rely on us to help you with:

  • Formation of Tailor Made / ‘Off the Shelf’ Companies
  • Forming Groups of Companies
  • Partnership / LLP Incorporation
  • Advising on Directors Duties and Service Contracts
  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Joint Ventures