Commercial Disputes

In business you will enter into all sorts of Contracts, sometimes based on your own Terms & Conditions but often based on those relied on by other parties. You will do so quite reasonably believing nothing will go wrong and often without reading the small print – how many of us actually read the Terms & Conditions when we book a flight online?

Any Contract you enter into is meant to be a legally binding agreement between two or more people or companies

  • to supply goods or
  • provide certain services in return for payment

You can enter into a Contract can based on an agreement arrived at by word of mouth or by formally executing a written document signed by you and the other party.
Even when you have negotiated and understood exactly what is involved in a Contract things can go wrong with your customer or supplier or even your professional adviser not discharging their contractual obligations.

Contractual arguments are to be avoided or resolved quickly because they

  • take up valuable time and resources
  • take you away from driving your business forward
  • hit morale, cash flow and profitability

You need Solicitors who understand that rapid, cost effective dispute resolution is necessary to avoid any negative impact on the performance of your business.
Our starting point is to

  • listen to you and understand the problem
  • understand the importance of the business relationship involved
  • assess the financial impact of the dispute for your business
  • assess the ability & willingness of the other party to remedy any default
  • advise you of your options
  • agree the best possible option for you
  • tell you how much it will cost
  • try and initially resolve the dispute without involving the Courts
  • do what we said we would do as quickly and cost effectively as possible
  • avoid your throwing good money after bad

If we believe that your best option is to issue Court Proceedings then we will do so

  • having advised you of the risks and costs involved
  • and then keep you advised of the prospects of success and cost involved
  • while constantly exploring the opportunity to settle the dispute on favourable terms
  • You can proceed on this basis by way of a wide range of funding options including
  • conditional fee agreements
  • hybrid funding options
  • capped and fixed fee packages
  • insurance-backed litigation options