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Drink, Drive, Drugs & the Workplace!

01st Dec 2016

Frank Rogers joined a line up of speakers for a Wirral Road Safety presentation to local businesses in the build up to Christmas.

Paul Leatherbarrow of Wirral Council's Road Safety Team gathered over 60 representatives from a broad range of Wirral businesses at New Brighton Cricket Club for the second Workshop of 2016 covering the issue of "Drink & Drugs in the Workplace."

After refreshments the delegates heard from:

Sergeant Paul Mountford

 Paul is  a Merseyside Police Roads Policing Sergeant who works full time on alcohol/drug related road safety issues. His presentation "From the roadside to the Custody Suite" is always informative and surprises delegates who have no conception of how easy it is to fall foul of drink drive legislation.  Paul gave a fascinating talk on topics including

  • how drug driving arrests are now soaring
  • how too many people still under estimate the impact alcohol has
  • how long do you have to wait after you have had a drink before it is safe to drive -  broadly speaking 13 hours if you drink a bottle of red wine! 

Frank Rogers

Head of the Motoring Prosecution Team at Brown Turner Ross, Frank was next up entertaining the audience with accounts of remarkable cases he had dealt with but also going through a diverse range of issues including

  • the law on breath tests - when can they be requested, Police powers & your rights
  • exploding myths on how to avoid failing a breath test
  • aggravating features if you are arrested
  • mitigating factors
  • sentencing powers
  • how you can be convicted but avoid a driving ban
  • prescription drugs - dos & don'ts
  • employers obligations

The basic message was do not drink & drive and that as we approach the season of office parties think and plan carefully when, if at all, you are going to drive the following day. The so called "magic pillow" does not work!

Tim Hodgson & Lindsay Harrison

Tim represented Aftermath Support & Lindsay was there on behalf of the Merseyside Police Family Liaison Team. They set a sombre mood when they spoke of those who are affected by the outcome of serious road traffic accidnets including

  • those directly responsible who genrally had no thought of doing what they did or the likely consequences of thier actions
  • the victims - injured or killed
  • the families of all those affected
  • those who attend the scene & who are often traumatised themselves

Alison Wood & David James

They represent an organisation called "Peoples Solutions" and assist many businesses by putting in place the Policies & Procedures employers should have in place to protect themselves from prosecution and to help their employees avoid prosecution. Guiding delegates throught eh legal maze of what they can and cannot do at the workplace this session made essential listening for any employer.

Paul Leatherbarrow

Paul rounded the session off with a video of various drink related crashes resulting in serious & fatal injury which  never fails to shock everyone who watch it by its graphic and powerful message. He & his Team are to be thanked for organising the event and for all the work they do throughout the year.

A busy Q & A session followed before everyone enjoyed lunch.

If you face prosecution for drink driving or for any driving offence call Frank on our 24/7 Free Help Line 0800 195 7517