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Should you get a quick divorce?

10th May 2016

Gary Lineker believes you should, and that divorce should be competed with a mathematical equation. Sam Bushell disagrees.

Is a quick divorce worth it?

According to Gary Lineker - it is. He also believes that a simple mathematical equation could make it even quicker and that divorce lawyers not only slow it down, but they cause friction in the process.

Of course, I’m talking about a ‘quickie’ divorce which can be completed online, without the face-to-face interaction of a divorce solicitor.

It’s the method that former footballer Lineker and his second wife, model Danielle Bux, opted for when their six year marriage was dissolved in January of this year. The simple online form was completed by both parties who are said to have remained great friends throughout the process.

That’s great, for them. The breakdown of any relationship is an emotionally testing time so if they’ve stayed on friendly terms that’s good news all round.

And I hope it stays that way for them - forever.

You see, getting an online ‘quickie’ might feel like less pain at the time, but do you know the damage it could cause in the long run?

The realities of quickie divorces

  • If a divorcing couple choose to not use a solicitor and complete the divorce themselves, then get it wrong, the cost of sorting it out tends to be higher than the costs of the solicitors doing it initially
  • The divorcing couple are not given bespoke advice in relation to financial settlement, entitlement and the risks of not resolving finances between spouses i.e. if the financial situation changes following the divorce, that the spouse may still have an entitlement to the assets of the other
  • Divorce is a very difficult time and an emotional process. Solicitors provide emotional support and stability during what can be the most stressful period in a person’s life. Solicitors are experienced in thinking laterally about what the party will need in the future vis-a-vis housing, needs of the children etc. Whilst a clean break can be achieved online, this may be inappropriate in a number of cases and people may be pushed into and influenced by the other spouse to enter into a clean break without understanding what it truly means and preventing them seeking their correct and appropriate entitlement in the future

A simple and quick divorce at Brown Turner Ross

If there are no children involved, little or no property complexities and a divorce has been properly assessed with no issues, we do offer a fixed fee for dealing with the divorce and ensuring it is completely professionally, correctly and swiftly. This gives clients peace of mind that their divorce is being looked over by a professional and both parties are protected. The clients are able to receive a detailed letter of initial advice and are able to contact myself and my family law team at any point, despite the fixed fee, to be updated on the process and given any relevant advice.

To conclude, I’d like to say that I truly disagree with Gary Lineker’s suggestion that divorce can be narrowed down to a simple mathematical equation. 

  • Your future cannot be predicted by maths
  • Your children and their needs cannot be fully fathomed on an Excel spreadsheet
  • You won’t find the answers to divorcing amicably, for the sake of all parties and children involved, in a calculator
  • No financial situation is the same in any two comparable divorces. All families have different needs and issues and simple maths does not work for all

If you need clear advice from a confidential and understanding divorce solicitor, contact Sam Bushell, head of matrimonial law at Brown Turner Ross solicitors today on 0800 195 7517 or email