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Should you get a quick divorce?

Blog / 10th May 2016

Gary Lineker believes you should, and that divorce should be competed with a mathematical equation. Sam Bushell disagrees.

Super Injunctions - Super Pointless?

Blog / 08th Apr 2016

Chris Mason wonders if super injunctions are worthwhile when their public existence merely adds fuel to the media fire.

Victory for ex wives in "hidden wealth" cases!

Blog / 14th Oct 2015

Two women who wanted their divorce settlements increased because they claimed their ex-husbands misled courts have today won their cases at the Supreme Court.

Solicitor Negligence in Divorce Cases - missed the Pension?

Blog / 13th Oct 2015

We are seeing more & more professional negligence claims against a range of Advisers including solicitors who have failed to properly value a pension fund in divorce proceedings.

Can you be sacked for Facebook banter? Yes you can!

Blog / 10th Aug 2015

The Employment Appeal Tribunal was recently asked to decide whether the dismissal of an Employee was unfair when it was based on comments made on Facebook which he claimed were untrue?

Divorces in England and Wales 2012

Blog / 22nd Apr 2015

Here we have a useful infographic we have found from the Office for National Statistics all about divorces in England and Wales in the year 2012.

The Rules relating to the availability of Company names

Blog / 26th Mar 2015

The Rules relating to the availability of Company names changed on January 31st 2015, when two new Statutory Instruments came into force – did you know?

Supreme Court allow Ex wife to claim against Husband 25 years after Divorce

Blog / 12th Mar 2015

On March 11th the Supreme Court decided that Kathleen Wyatt, 55, should have the right to claim on the fortune earned by her former husband even though he gained that after they divorced over 20 years ago.

Care Proceedings – Residence & Contact – The Changes

Blog / 24th Apr 2014

Care Proceedings – Reforms