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What are the pitfalls of buying off plan?

Blog / 18th Apr 2019

With the demand to live in the city fuelling an increase in new developments, what are the pitfalls of buying off plan? Kevin Ross, director at Brown Turner Ross explains.

A new law is coming that means you can take your landlord to court for housing disrepair issues

Blog / 14th Mar 2019

The Homes Bill will come into force on March 20th. For the first time, the new law gives tenants the power to take unlawful landlords to court if their homes are in a dangerous and unacceptable condition.

Unmarried partners entitled to benefit from their late partner’s pensions

Blog / 20th Dec 2018

From now on unmarried cohabitants will be entitled to benefit from their late partner’s pension if they die, irrespective of whether they have been nominated as a beneficiary.

Divorce law - is fit for the current age, or is it time for a change?

Blog / 04th Oct 2018

Following the recent decision in the UK Supreme Court in the case of Owens v Owens [2018],

Children - intervention by local authorities & the need for swift and specialist legal advice.

Blog / 06th Oct 2017

Following a shocking case that hit the news over the summer, our Child Law expert Kendra McKinney explains the need for specialist advice in cases where local authorities intervene into the care of your children.

Ex wife awarded £2.7m ten years after her divorce - how is that possible?

Blog / 19th Feb 2017

How can a court award an ex wife £2.7m 10 years after her divorce? This is a salutary lesson for everyone who contemplates divorce proceedings without getting proper legal advice.

Should you get a quick divorce?

Blog / 10th May 2016

Gary Lineker believes you should, and that divorce should be competed with a mathematical equation. Sam Bushell disagrees.

Super Injunctions - Super Pointless?

Blog / 08th Apr 2016

Chris Mason wonders if super injunctions are worthwhile when their public existence merely adds fuel to the media fire.

Victory for ex wives in "hidden wealth" cases!

Blog / 14th Oct 2015

Two women who wanted their divorce settlements increased because they claimed their ex-husbands misled courts have today won their cases at the Supreme Court.

Solicitor Negligence in Divorce Cases - missed the Pension?

Blog / 13th Oct 2015

We are seeing more & more professional negligence claims against a range of Advisers including solicitors who have failed to properly value a pension fund in divorce proceedings.