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Children - intervention by local authorities & the need for swift and specialist legal advice.

Blog / 06th Oct 2017

Following a shocking case that hit the news over the summer, our Child Law expert Kendra McKinney explains the need for specialist advice in cases where local authorities intervene into the care of your children.

Pinch,'s the first of the month.

Blog / 01st Sep 2017

September is upon us signaling (for most) the end of the summer holiday and many of us will have had a few days or weeks away from work, soaking up the sun (if you went abroad!) and relaxing.

Drink drive convictions may be unsafe! Was your sample tested by Randox?

Blog / 19th Feb 2017

If you were convicted of drink driving based on a blood sample you may have been wrongly prosecuted! Hundreds of suspected drink-drivers may have had their blood samples tampered with making their convictions unsafe.

Ex wife awarded £2.7m ten years after her divorce - how is that possible?

Blog / 19th Feb 2017

How can a court award an ex wife £2.7m 10 years after her divorce? This is a salutary lesson for everyone who contemplates divorce proceedings without getting proper legal advice.

Merseyside Police announce crackdown on drivers using mobile phones!

Blog / 23rd Jan 2017

Merseyside Police have issued a stern warning this week that they will be cracking down on drivers caught using mobile phones.

Beautician who advertised on Facebook for someone to take her speeding points ended up in prison

Blog / 07th Jan 2017

Sheree Siddall was desperate to avoid having more Points on her licence when she faced her fourth speeding conviction in two years. That would have seen her on at least 12 Points at which point any driver faces a 6 month driving ban.

Charities contest decision to award estranged daughter money from her mother's Will

Blog / 02nd Jan 2017

Three of Britain's biggest animal charities are fighting a judgment awarding £163,000 to an estranged child who had been disinherited by her mother when she died 12 years ago.

Yaya Toure drink drive conviction - chance missed?

Blog / 22nd Dec 2016

Yaya Toure the famous Manchester City player recently claimed he has never knowingly consumed alcohol despite recently pleading guilty to a drink driving charge for being over the limit.

Why Lord Howard will lose his Appeal against driving conviction

Blog / 05th Dec 2016

Former Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard has been convicted of failing to say who was driving his car when it was caught by a speed camera.

The dangers of off the shelf & online LPAs!

Blog / 27th Nov 2016

The Office of the Public Guardian is heavily promoting their online digital Lasting Power of Attorney offering but here Claire Booth warns of its dangers.