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Frank Rogers wins BNI Award

18th Nov 2016

On November 18th Frank Rogers was announced at the BNI Merseyside Awards Dinner as the Member of the Year for the BNI Mavericks Chapter.

BNI Merseyside Awards Dinner 2016

The glittering occasion was held at the prestigious Titanic Hotel in Liverpool. Votes from fellow Chapter members saw Frank carry off this Award for the 2nd year running adding to his 2013 Member of the Year Award when he was a member of Saturn Chapter.

Members vote for who they believe has made the greatest contribution to the growth & success of the Chapter in the previous 12 months. 

What is BNI?

BNI is quite literally the best way to build a better business. It can help you seize the opportunities to take your business to the next level: making it more profitable, more effective and more successful than you ever thought possible. Everything else is just random networking.

  • more profitable - your fellow members become your unpaid marketing team, actively seeking new business for you
  • more effective - BNI’s structured, supportive and professional environment is the perfect place to gain practical advice, learn valuable new business skills and achieve best practice
  • more successful - word of mouth is still the best way to win new business. BNI shows you how to develop relationships built upon trust so others can confidently refer new business to you

Frank Rogers commented:

"It was a great honour to be selected as Member of the Year in a group such as Mavericks where there are so many committed members working hard for all of us individually and for the group as a whole. Membership of BNI has benefitted Brown Turner Ross across a wide range of the legal services we provide & has significantly contributed to my personal & business development.

BNI Mavericks members have, between them, invoiced over £1m of business in 2016 - a performance matched year on year. There may be opportunities for you to join the group - if you are interested get in touch with me."