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Young or old? Male or female? Who are the most dangerous drivers?

04th Dec 2015

Most people would argue that young recently qualified male drivers were the cause of most danger on the roads but they would be wrong!

That assumption has been challenged by new research which shows that men in their late twenties and early thirties are the biggest culprits of poor driving. Tech giant ASUS — best known for laptops and notebooks — found that men aged between 26 and 35 accounted for 28 per cent of all driving bans in the country, more than any other age group.

The research & statistics released by DVLA also revealed that

  • 93,952 licence holders were disqualified from driving in the last 12 months in the UK
  • males under 25 years old accounted for 19% of all driving bans
  • less than 1% of disqualified drivers were 17 year old males
  • women are safer than men on the road

A recent Department for Transport report said 69,952 female drivers were involved in accidents in 2014 — that compares to 113,066 men in the same period.

Other research showed the following:

  • women drivers account for just 14% of all drivers disqualified from driving in the last 12 months
  • out of a total of 93,952 driving bans 80,647 related to male drivers
  • men were involved in 62 per cent of accidents in 2014 

These ststaistics do not establish how many Licences are held by male & female drivers respectively but they are interesting nonetheless. Dashboard cameras are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons & could lead to drivers becoming more conscious about the manner of their driving.

A recent RAC Shop study found the number of motorists using a dashcam has doubled in the last year to 2.9 million.

Frank Rogers Head of the Brown Turner Ross Driving Offence Team commented: 

"Research shows that 6% of all those banned from driving in the last 12 months were disqualified because of dangerous or careless driving. We are coming up to Christmas & the New Year when the number of those who are breatlysed increases brining more danger to our roads. Police are always more vigilant at this time of year so I hope everyone will take more care than ever when driving - read my earlier Blog on how long it takes to get below the limit after you have had a drink. Christmas Parties are great fun but increase the risk of people, perhaps unwittingly, driving while over the limit. Too many people think that the morning after a heavy drinking session it is safe for them to drive just beacuse it is the following day - I represent many clients arrested in exactly those circumstances so be careful!"