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Who has been banned from driving more than anyone else in the UK?

19th Oct 2016

A man described as the UK's most banned driver has been jailed after being caught driving while disqualified for the 61st time.

John Pearson, 52, of Stockport, also has 10 convictions for drink-driving. Stockport Magistrates sentenced him to four months in prison after he pleaded guilty to drink-driving, disqualified driving and driving without insurance. He was also given a five-year driving ban but a road safety charity said he should have been given a life ban.

What punishment did he deserve?

His latest conviction happened when Police used emergency equipment to stop the Renault Laguna he was driving on Manchester Road, Heaton Norris, on September 14th when predictably he failed a breath test. It is the fourth time in 2016 that he has been given a custodial sentence:

  • he was sent to prison in February for 17 weeks and banned from driving for 5 years
  • in June he was jailed for four months and given a 42-month ban after he was found asleep at the wheel of a Skoda Fabia
  • in July 2016 he was also given a three-month sentence for other driving offences committed the previous month

Pressure groups have called for him to be banned from driving for life.

Frank Rogers Head of the Brown Turner Ross Driving Offence Defence Team commented:

"He must be a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records for all the wrong reasons! You are driven (excuse the pun!) to conclude that he drives irrespective of whether he is serving a period of disqualification or not and clearly no Insurance Company would ever offer him cover even at the most exorbitant premium. Banning & imprisoning him is clearly not deterring him given his age so what can be done to protect the public? Where is he getting the cars he drives from? How is he paying for them? It would appear that so far he has not injured anyone but that is probably good luck not good management. I can only presume that the Probation Service have considered every option available to them plus Counselling or other non custodial means of deterring him from further offences - an amazing story!"

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